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    HMO Compliance


    HMO Compliance

    Landlord SOS Ltd are a leading service provider in the capital which offers landlords comprehensive HMO Compliance support when it comes to ensure a property is compliant with the relevant local authority laws. We understand the different requirements that have to be met before a local council will issue an HMO licence. With a great deal of expertise in this area, we do not issue licences however we are able to guide landlords in undertaking the necessary works required in order to ensure you’ll be able to obtain your HMO licence.

    All HMO property’s are different from one another, with varying requirements and this often varies based on the size and occupancy of the building. The common varying factors tend to consist of:

    • Fire Alarms
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Electrical Safety Inspections (EICRs)
    • Gas Safe Inspections
    • Fire Rated Doors

    Although these are common factors, they are not always required in every property. For example, not all of these factors and requirements may be requested by the council as this can and will often vary.

    Typically, your local authority will usually send you a report of the works necessary that you will need to complete ahead of you being able to obtain your HMO licence. Whether it may be one or all of these requirements, we can arrange for these works to be carried out and also completed at the same time. Landlord SOS Ltd are able to ensure that landlords only have one company and point of contact to have to deal with throughout the entire process of the necessary works that need to be completed.

    To add to this, we are an NICEIC Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer. Likewise, we are fully insured, fully qualified and registered to undertake all works and services. We are likewise Gas Safe Registered; in fact we are fully qualified to undertake pretty much all of the major services necessary to ensure your HMO is legally compliant. Overall, we have made it our business to ensure you are able to run your HMO in the most stress free manner possible.

    Should you have a requirement to making your HMO fully compliant and legal in the Croydon, Surrey or South London area, please contact us today on 0800 0016505 or 07903 560278. Or please email us direct to We will endeavour to be in touch right away and help you with your exacting needs and requirements.

    Work Done on Time

    We aim to provide you with the necessary certification within 24 working hours. Subject to your checks have successfully met the legal and standards required.

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